Receive SMS Online

Receive SMS Online ( helps you to receive SMS from all over the world regardless of where you are located or which device you used. We have a large inventory of local virtual phone numbers allowing you receive SMS from all over the world. We enable you to register and verify various websites such as Google, Yahoo, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Fiverr and many others for FREE. We take your privacy and security seriously. These virtual phone numbers are disposable and messages are discarded at a period of time. We provided new virtual phone numbers every month to ensure you are able to receive SMS.

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Why Receive SMS Online?


We enable you to receive SMS online for free and it will always be free. You are free to receive as many SMS messages as possible from any websites all over the world.


We take your privacy and security seriously. Our service allows you to register, verify and activate accounts from various companies without exposing your phone numbers and privacy. We do not request any personal data in receiving messages on your behalf.

Speed and Reliability

We built with the latest web technology. You should expect to receive the SMS messages in realtime. Just refresh the page and the message will be right in front of you.